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Day 3 of 100 day challenge.

I have never ever seen a person as what they were born as or what they were.
I always believe they are what they identify themselves to be.
If you identify yourself as an artist,and you create, you are that.
If you identify yourself as a kind person and you practice that… You are kind.
It doesn’t matter where you were born,to whom you were born to or how you were before..
You are what you believe and practice to be.
And if you want the world to know you the way you know yourself inside your mind, PRACTICE that with heart and soul.
Let people say whatever they want to..
Be determined to be what you are.. and with grace.

This person i painted was a trans person who was extremely kind to me when i was a kid, have left a deep mark and she definitely Changed my perception about sexuality.
Respect people if they are in their true form,and dares not to hide.

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Happy painting.

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