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As you all know i have been telling you again and again and ranting on my stories that i want to go to Darjeeling asap.
We have a big list of places that we have planned to visit this year, but then why did i end up coming to this place again??
Yesterday at night while Ghosh was watching the milky way and was trying to capture it we were sitting in the cold on the roof and he asked me why Darjeeling? What do you have for this place?
I liked the question- it was our first trip together, just us, not a group of people.
Also this is my favourite combination of chaos and peace.
The chaos of the town, the overwhelming number of bengali people over here, the architecture, the vibe.#the extremely stylish people and their beautiful life away from the strange world outside.
I will come back here again and again, become it feels like home away from home. It feels like I’m in the chaos i like being in in Kolkata, and then the mountains, the clouds, the people, the train. The damp walls, the unknown flowers.
It’s a strange combination of everything i love.
I can just be by myself in a crowd of unknown people. ❤️❤️

Here is a little glimpse of an imaginary friend, sipping on to a hot cup of tea and cherishing the hills!

This little painting i did on the terrace of the homestay at lepchajogot just before leaving for Darjeeling.

Clicked by @theshutterbong

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