Cutout Series 2

Yesterday if you have followed my stories,you must know by now we went to zakaria street to get the feel of ramzaan.
We have a strange facination to see,interact with cultures and people.
I always feel so good to see what small streets and lanes of kolkata offers us.

Saw children rushing towards the mosque as the prayer began..
People sitting with plates of fruits and bowls of halim.
We stood there..ghosh hunting for his shots,and me staring at people and asking every street vendors wierd questions.

Had amazing firni..and there was a little boy enjoying his firni like he would never get that again.(and hence the picture).
The shops were shining gold with all kind of breads and different eateries.
Got some dry fruits for ourselves and had some scrumptious food.
Saw old shops,different people,scent shops and so many things,which is not very regular for me in the part of kolkata i live in.
The crowd offers so much life,so much struggle.
Or am i the one who just thinks too much?😋 Shot by @theshutterbong

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