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Conditioned is the word to describe everything and every sense of aesthetic that soothes our accustomed eyes!!

We are all conditioned to behave a certain way, look a certain way, talk a certain way and what not.

What would we all be if were not conditioned at all?

Or we were conditioned differently?

Whenever something doesn’t suit your eye, and doesn’t harm you either, think twice, is that something you have been conditioned to believe or judge?

I try to question myself all the time whenever my conditioned mind tries to fit someone in it and fails.


Why a particular portion of the world was conditioned to be something from their birth just to be safe?? And to soothe the conditioned eyes??

No one is basically peculiar or different and harmless at the same time, they are just not fit enough for your socially conditioned brainwashed mind!


Question yourself, what if it wasn’t?


( also that what if is not just a random term i used, I’m blown by the Marvel series what if , it’s so intriguing and fun to watch! Totally waiting for each episode every week!)


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