Commissioned Painting 18

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Old cities have this strange electricity flowing through it. Which will engulf anyone walking and observing it’s streets buildings and even ruins. Old cities have stories to say. Stories to be celebrated, stories that don’t make us proud, stories of existence.

Stories that belongs to everyone who is ready to listen.
Old cities and their smell.
The poetry in their unplanned crowds.
The richness of diversity.
The beauty of unity.
The dark stories of division.
But the sweet memory of survival and existence.
The old old old ghats, embraced their love like the flowing river.
A painting i loved making.
The Benaras ghats have seen their relationship grow with every cup of hot steaming tea. Hence.
Creative freedom can lead to wonders!

A commissioned painting made for this beautiful couple (in their favourite place the Benaras ghats)

Dm/mail for commission work!

Watercolor and ink.

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