Comfort Zone

I won’t say much, but this is a painting very close to my heart.

It’s more beautiful than poetic romance for me.

When i am this crazy with someone,pissing the hell out of that person😋

Judge me if you want, but trust me, i know the person i chose to be with may fight with me till exhausted but never judge me for being myself.

I like people who let’s me be,the way i am.
Who knows and trusts me that I won’t be harmful to anyone in my senses.

I like and trust a strong friendship more than anything.

Friendship is something we choose for ourselves, it’s our will.
Not chosen by birth,not chosen by blood,not chosen by any external force.

It’s just the magic of the universe to get people who knows you, accepts you,loves you unconditionally, and last but not the least –
Tolerates you !!

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