Approach Toward Diversity


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Art in any form reminds me of how diverse we are. How different each of our approach towards life situation and facts are.
We are critical people existing together with all our naked truths.
Though rules and society has always tried to fit us in a bottle like oil and water, tried it’s best to show how similar we are. But we have always, as human beings proved to be different from each other, and i find that beautiful.
These differences have many times crossed paths with people similar approaches. And then moved on and this makes the whole thing look like a beautiful maze.
Pick up a book, a movie or a any poem,or look at a piece of art, see how each and every one who expresses themselves have their own way of doing it.
Even though we try to mix and find our common grounds, we know deep inside, that we only look at a certain thing though the lens of our own experiences.
We experience things differently. This is why likes and dislikes has fascinated me and inspired me to create art, to enjoy being the individual i am and handling our differences with maturity and dignity. (Though i have not been able to handle it maturely for most of the time, i try my best)

P.S. remember i asked you people to vote for a colour? And i would paint with that. That day this colour got the maximum votes. 5 it was. Thank you.

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