There are so many kind of people on this planet.
It is intriguing to even imagine how many ways they might have to cope with situations, specially those which make their heart bleed.

Some sit and stare at their wounds,
Some touch it again and again to remain in pain,
Some even start taking pleasure put of the pain.
The start liking the taste of their bleeding wounded feelings,

And then there are some who remembers the wound and use them to grow their garden!
They change the blow of fate into scars of wars.
They take care of them, and make it look like the sexy scar!
If dimple being a defect in our bodies can be beautified, there are some people who are battlewinners and they make their tragedy sound like survival stories.
We all exist together, but I definitely feel good when i see people who has the heart and strength to shine like a star flaunting their scars not for sympathy but for inspiring!

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