All I Need

All i need and deserve is some time for myself:
This is literally for every one out there and a note to myself too.
Take a minute out, and remember everyone actually needs some time for themselves,to pamper themselves,to grow,to relax,to have a conversation with your own self,to treat yourself,to eat,and to do whatever one feels like,
Just take some time, and do it.
In the rat race of responsibilities,coping with situations and all what life gives us,we often forget what made us smile and relax, and sometimes we expect and find it in someone else.
But why would they if you don’t take the first step to think about your own well being?
Love yourself and the world will follow!!#cheers

Prints available,
Original available!!
Mixed media on black paper.(from @brustro_official you can purchase it from @creativehandsartmaterials with the code JOYEETA10 to get a discount!)

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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper

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