A Mother In The Red Light Area


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Few days back i was reading few articles about sex workers and their lives.got to know about a book named river of flesh which has stories written by different authors on prostitutes and humanising them with their simple desires and feelings.It was intriguing,painful,and strangely alien to the society we live in where people need a mask or a certain kind of imposed standards to exist and to be accepted, where people are judged just on the basis of random informations. A society which lets most of the genders to be dominated and strips them from their rights.

Prostitution being the oldest profession and the most controversial one, we often live in a dilemma of should and should nots! And rights and wrongs.

Forgetting about all that, the thing that moved me the most was few stories of mothers who raised their little daughters in the darkness of these shiny world of red light areas wanting them to see the light of society and respect one day.
Parents often set so much milestones for their younger ones, but somone in the cacophony of those dingy streets,killing her dreams and desires everyday to gift her daughter with the best gift possible- education.
Never did she ask her or force her to be someone for her, to take care of her, but in the expectation that someday, she can leave, and have an identity of herself in the society of vultures.
A society which contributes nothing in the struggle apart from reminding them of their miseries and pushing them back to the darkeness. The society which doesn’t know how to respect,a society which can rip people’s heart and mind apart with a smirk in it’s face sitting in the cushion of privilege.

I like how this painting turned out to be for the pain in the mother’s eyes and the respect in the daughter’s.

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