Well You Can Do It


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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

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I will 100% contradict to what i have captioned this piece.
“Well, you can do it”
We throw it at people who we think we know.
Who we think are strong, and are thought to have immense mental strength to go through anything and everything.
We put a medal on them for a bravery and then ask them to withstand whatever that comes on their way.
We do it with people who Are struggling through their lives everyday,and keeping shut.
People who can’t afford to talk about mental health.
People whose shouts and cry we ignore.
And we , the society put them in a pedestal saying that person is strong , they will manage it.
They have seen worse- hence this is nothing!
This shocks me.

How many times have we faced it? Accepted and was taken for granted?
How do we think that everyone for how they have acted in front of you, are capable of withstanding the next storm?
Compassion comes for free. Think about it.
Before putting anyone on a pedestal and leaving them alone and expecting them to save you, think again,
That person might need help someday.
Just a thought, portrayed in this painting.
For people strong enough to live among thorns have their limits and tolerance level too.

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