Wedding Card 9

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You know what feels great?
When people step out of norms and explore.
I love how things are challenging,yet fun,
Coz otherwise there is a chance of getting bored.
This little piece she wrote and the beauty of the innocent love that is shared by her writing,was really cute and so much exciting to work on.
I love how the wedding card came out to be.

Do you remember growing up listening to stories? And in the chaos of life we lose the habit,the curiosity and the excitement to know the unknown,to imagine the incredible things that could happen,if not in reality but in imagination.
Stars and fantasies,
Stories of survivals,the adranaline rush,
Why do we leave behind all that and indulge in things that don’t really excite us anymore?
Why do we settle for things that is shoved to us,
And slowly we no more ask “why”?
The urge to know,the urge to learn can bring peace and chaos at the same time,but never boredom.
Try it again,just like you did when you were kids.
Never underestimate the strength of imagination and reasoning coexisting in your mind.

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