My Women 10

You know what is the most beautiful thing?
We are all so different..
We are all so unique and one of a kind.
Each one of us.
The diversity in our skin colour,size,way of thinking,our battles,etc..
But sadly instead of celebrating that uniqueness we tend to run after something that is “trending”.
Suddenly some news paper ,some magazine,some hyped media stuff pops up,and sets a trend for us.
Its like a slap to our faces,saying- whatever you are,is not okay. You need to do “this” or “that” to become something else.
No curvy should not be the milestone,being skinny shouldn’t be the pressure.
Curvy people justifying their curves by saying thats the fashion now,and skinny people fat shaming them back in the name of “self love”??
My being curvy doesn’t make it the perfect image on earth!
Self love shouldn’t only mean allowing people to be like you.
Self love also includes letting other people be the way they are.
Celebrate your uniqueness,and let others celebrate what they are.
Only then beauty of your soul will enrich and grow.

Watercolour on paper.

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