Wedding Card 2

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We have been seeing each other for past 10 years.
Have been friends for 11 years.
Many of you ask if we are married or not..
Well we signed those papers last year😂.
It actually did not make any difference.
We work together,we fight,we are horribly unromantic and also sometimes over dramatic.
Life has been a rollercoaster ride for us always.
Never settled, never monotonous, coz problems,issues,disasters and mishaps somehow managed to find us always successfully.
But the fun part was having each other standing side by side fighting everything with grace and dignity.
People came in our lives,people left,
The best thing was we chose to stick together like some over clingy school friends.
Spending days not talking to each other not because we are angry,but we preferred to do our own shit,sitting in the same home and not disturbing each other.
So our parents finally asked us to sort our lives out,(as if we will after this😂). We will be moving in to our new place after a social gathering(not calling it a wedding because we are not doing any rituals.) Next month.
(This happens to be the part of the invite). When it came to marriage, we did not believe any law or any ritual can force us to stay together,
We prefer staying together at our own will,and will leave at our own will.
We always stayed,coz we wanted to.
From the core of our hearts.
No rules,no routines!!

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This was the illustration for our own wedding card!


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