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It is tough to talk about this.
It is tough to even think and feel.
We all get tears,wait and then we shout and make noise,and then it all goes unsolved and alas we fail.
We fail.
All judgements,all assumptions,
What justifies this violence?
Im getting dms about this,
I got some requests from young women and girls,to talk about this.
Is it something new im talking about?
I have been bashed while talking about this,about nudity,about our bodies being no secret treasure box waiting to be explored and exploited.
I am furious, i am sad.
Not because of what happened to priyanka, because this is always happening.. everyday,waiting for us to accept it as a norm someday.
I am furious coz we stopped talking about asifa,we stopped talking about numerous such cases.
How long will be hush one up with another one?
All i see is my soul bleeding,this world bleeding, because we are letting this happen under our bloody nose,and we will sit,and wait for …. nothing.

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