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My watercolor tub was lying there , and i lost track of time looking at it.
Did you ever look at something and stared at it for such a long time just because your mind is showing you a completely different picture?
I did.. so many times.
I was always fascinated by this magic of imagination.
What a beautiful gift, so powerful yet can be so destructive if used in a wrong way.
Imagination is my secret super power.
And I realised it for the first time when i spent my long boring metro rides to school just sitting there looking at the crowd in front of me and imagining them in my way. Slowly as i grew up, my imagination became a bit more artistic and it’s shape colour and forms became something that i could put down on paper.
Now I can’t surely say of this was the way I got to my style, because there are so many more stories like this which gave me direction.
But the common factor there was imagination.
One of the most precious gift to humanity.

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