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I always think of putting up my picture and then i feel why should i coz you people are here to see my work and not me!
But then that extreme urge to post just because i want to share made me think how should I actively present it to you!
And here it is.
Just a picture of mine clicked by ghosh and my imagination literally raced, and the mundane world around me changed into a world which i see,i live in,i cherish and how I visualise!
Even when my patrons tell me there story i switch my imagination to this world!
I just can see the whole world in this form and style and switch back to the original..
I really get bored with reality,so you can consider this to be my coping mechanism!!

I call that my own super power!
Helped me so much to survive the extreme shit that real world gives!!
P.s. that feet in the very front is @theshutterbong

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