You know what is the most strange thing I observed about the whole Human history?
The consistency of people being completely blind about what is around them, and on the same time having faith on things they have no evidence of.
It shocks me, how the whole species as a whole, can completely normalise violence, war, hate and anything of that sort, and are comfortable talking about it whole they are so awkward while talking about love, acceptance, being inclusive, co existing and cherishing all the harmless things.
Are we as a species more inclined towards hate which makes us kind of toxic??
I know my questions are a bit uncomfortable today,
But this “today” is my every day.
I always am shocked by the casual approach of human kind towards hate and violence,
Where is we failed so badly to see how beautiful people and their expressions are.
But i want to end this with a positive note.
There will always be a black sheep in this whole scenario, in every scenario, who will make noise.
And that never will go unheard.
Trust me.

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