Did you ever go out just to see people?
Just to see what people of different ages and kind doing?
I feel sick at my stomach when i hear people dividing and discriminating human beings based on manmade sections and tags.
We are all so unique and different and also so similar at the same time,
For me they are the inspiration,
They are the reason which keeps my brain awake,
To the people at their beat and worst,
At work, in love, lazy , rushing, caring,loving, nurturing, interacting with animals.
Whatever hate you see on earth is manmade, just made to gain power over others. I can never appreciate that.

A little painting i did on the streets of Darjeeling.
I love how in the chaos of tourists and local people rushing to their work, she was immersed in the book she was reading!
This literally shows that books can take you to places!!

Original available.
Prints available.

All rights reserved under www.studiojoyeeta.com

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