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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

It is advised to get a frame after receiving the print to avoid size mismatch

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I literally have a whole list of tattoos i want to get on my body.
I want to take them to my grave.
I get a lot of questions about wouldn’t you regret allthese when you will be old?
In that case i have only one thing to say,
I am not a person who regrets much.
I do not regret anything in my life even if that wasn’t beautiful and nice,and positive.
I do not regret the worst decisions of my life.
I believe they are what i am.
I would have been a different person if i didn’t take those decisions,
If i didn’t fail,
If i didn’t face my weakness.
I wouldn’t have been strong enough if life was just to me.
If life gives me challenges,
I trust them,and fight them.
So that,the next day i wake up,i feel like a winner,a warrior.
Not a person who ran away just because i would regret it.

I have a whole list of tattoos in my wishlist.
And trust me.
Theres a lot more coming up!
There will be my women,
My beliefs,
My life,
My victories,
My wars,
And yes,
My failures.
Im proud of all my failures.
They mould me everyday.

And yes the pencil marks i didnt want to erase.
Wanted to show you the mistakes i make.
And im not always perfect.
I do not like perfection.

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A4 paper, A5 paper


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