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My people- 1

When we think of misogyny,we blame every men so easily,how disgusted we feel and how it infuriates us.
But why?
Why some,sorry,most of the men are existing with such mindset?
My personal feeling says it happens in their childhood,its a characteristic tattooed on them with the simplest and the little teachings.
The society takes away all the rights to vulnerable empathy and the sweetest and the deepest feelings away from them.
Sadness,longing,being weak,being weak physically, tears,choices,options,many things are snatched from them and are portraid as privileges.
Most of them,or even the parents dont understand, in the name of privileges they are making their own Frankensteins.

What feelings and expressions are left and are expected from them?
Anger,pride,aggression,dominating powers,etc.
The nurturing the caring aspects are snatched away from them when they are not expected to do little things like cooking,cleaning along with other women in the house.
That is where a misogynist mind takes birth.
“Now im doing,then your wife will do”
“Dude,why are you crying like a woman?”
“you cant even lift this?”
“What?you never had a fight?”
“You have to bring money to home”
“Yoh are the one who should protect us”
“You are a man,you wont understand ”
“You have nothing to do here,we women will deal with this”
“Why will you cook?your wife is just so irresponsible ”
“What? Your wife earns more than you???and you are okay with this?”
“Why such girly choices?”
“A nurse???thats a woman’s job”
“Why will i pay? You are the man,you should.” Blah blah blah.

This somewhere misogyny can take birth.
We women have also discriminated and are somewhat responsible.
Lets not make more Frankensteins.
To change the society, we all need identify where we went wrong.
Lets raise the kids in a new light.

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