The Abominable Bride


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It goes without saying the name is taken from the very famous story of the great Sherlock holmes.
But my interpretation of the name is a bit sarcastic.

Who is the abominable bride in our society?
Sadly it is judged by the moral standards set by a very much patriarchal society.

If i start mentioning each the list will be never ending,
But this isn’t a post to complain,
But to ask people to rethink,
What is an abominable bride to them?
Who chooses for herself?
Who can openly talk about anything she wishes to with her partner,
The one who might claim herself to be an atheist?
The one who doesn’t want to change a part of her name?
The one who doesn’t look married?
The one who can see through your shit?
The one who makes noise for the slightest injustice?
The one who thinks having a conversation is better than silently tolerating?
The one who doesn’t worship her partner because he does some of the household chores,but thinks he is doing it for his own home?
One who earns enough to look after the whole family?
The one who questions?
The one who doesn’t know how to cook?or feels lazy!
The list might be endless,

Sadly we are still in that era.
Sadly we instantly judge people who are divorced and talking about ending marriage on a good note.
The abominable bride,
Who is she in our society?

Done on procreate.

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