Soul Sisters 2

This image is completely a recollection of memory from my childhood a little ornamented and dramatised, but let me tell you the real scene weren’t any less dramatic!My mother and her sisters would meet up and spend the whole afternoon chatting about anything that crossed their minds.
Some oiling their uncontrollable fizzy hair, where as the other is just cherishing the company and adding on to some spices to the stories.
The strangest thing was i saw the same scene when i went to my friends house and also the exact same characters in different perspective and kind of stories and fun.
The strangest was when i grew up and used to go to Ghosh’s house, AGAIN i saw the same scenario.
So i assume it’s there every where!!!
I had to paint it if i had to tell the stories of women and womanhood, because these are the women i saw while growing up, with all their flaws and rights and wrongs they have made me what i am!!

Original available.
prints are available.
Watercolor and ink on paper.

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