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This word means a feeling when you realise that every person you see ,every passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. (The word Coined by John Koenig )

We so often rush to conclusions about what or how a person is, we try to tag them good or bad, we try to justify their deeds, and create reasons to justify it.
Our mind is a complex thing.
Filled with so much details, which we think we control, but sadly don’t.
It has the capability of creating its own reality.
It has the capability to show us things just the way we want to see it.
Self awareness is a rare thing, we have certain judgements and illusions about our own self too.
We search within, interact with our own self, to find out the purpose, the reason of life.
And may be that search is what life can be defined as.
I am the person i portray myself to be, i may not be the same person to someone else who perceive me in a different way.
I am a different story to every individual.
I am a different genre in every individual’s life.
It is just you having a sonder about my existence, and me having of yours.
When we look within, we meet ourselves.

The complexity of human mind is too intricate to be defined as happy sad angry or such lucid words.
We are complex beings, trying to put ourselves in a box of “type”, but we are a world in each head.
Words like good and bad is just too simple to define us.

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