Silent Princess

When privileges and the beauty of life,

And the flowery comfort affects a person’s senses to such extent that they start believing that they are the only one suffering,
This situation makes us blind towards what’s happening around us.
It makes us forget how lucky we are,if not in this way… May be in some other way.

It is not a crime to be privileged,but not acknowledging that and playing a blind eye towards what you have can only welcome sorrow in ones life.
In your worst times,
Sit,cry,shout ..but after that.. try to talk to yourself,
And tell your mind and heart that you will cope up with this situation someway, because that is life. And the show must go on.

What is sad we often fail to understand and evaluate what weapons we have to fight ..
We tend to ignore what we have.

Watercolour and ink on paper.

300 gsm watercolor Paper and brustro ink fine liner from


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Happy painting.

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