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I have seen many people getting pissed about a person who constantly and actively talks about certain things to uplift and for the betterment of society.
We have often got tired of these people untill and unless we face similar issues and we realise why they are doing it all the time,
Trying their best to spread the word of awareness to any person around them.

Awareness is a strange term or a strange feeling,
The only thing that literally changes your world.
Descent protests and every such thing is the child of awareness.
Next time anyone around you makes you aware of things like periods, feminism, political issues, social contributions, please be patient and listen, and then ask yourself and evaluate what they say, if they are right and it is helping someone to deal with the issues they are facing , spread the word.
One at a time isn’t bad.
Imagine everyone doing it.
Break the stigma together,
Break the taboos together.
And period shaming is something which we have to end.

This little girl, has control over her body, because of the correct knowledge she has about it, she knows how to deal with it, imagine not having the privilege of knowledge. Think.
Bleeding 🩸 isn’t something you need to be ashamed of. When you tell this to anyone, that person will carry the knowledge to spread it to 2 more people, and this way, you can possibly see a better world in future.
If not you, your children.

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