She played with words and decorated emotions in ways that touched the heart of people who had the power to feel intense love.
She experienced nothing what she wrote, but she knew how to feel for the characters for the words, and also made people fall for them,
She redefines love and again cancels it out because defining a feeling so magical can actually ruin it’s beauty.
Love is something much more deeper and mysterious and magical than we actually understand or perceive.
Imagine a feeling,strong and bold, which defeats every negative expression of a mind, be it ego,disgust,and hate.
An emotion which is there in relationships of all kind,
She felt bad when people put the word “love” in a box so small, that sometimes it loses it’s actual term,suffocates and then dies.
She wrote on her notebook,
“Love is the most beautiful when you let it lose like the birds and see it fly,#create it’s magic free of all inhibitions.
Fitting it into our little box called perception and judgement is so unjust and almost wrong for the most beautiful feeling “

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Watercolor on paper.

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