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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

It is advised to get a frame after receiving the print to avoid size mismatch

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I shared it before how much i love skin care.
When in a bad mood,i would just go,wash my face,put some toner and moisturizer and feel good.
No denying.
I enjoy my skin after it’s freshly washed!!

Every one has their unique way of self care.
But self care may not always mean that I want to change something about myself.
I have a habit of buying good skin care products which makes my skin soft soft.. Ghosh shares my things too..

A freshly pampered skin after using a pack or something,the skin feels soo good,like ive taken a fresh bath!!!

We all do it causes we enjoy it.


till date,when i go to my local shop or even shopping malls to check and get some new stuff available,i ask the person in charge that suggest me something good for my skin!

They will look at me and hand me a fairness product and ask me to get rid of my tan!
Why on earth they don’t ask what you want?
I am dark skin woman, looking for skin care product must mean i want to get rid of my color! Skin care is much more than that!!!! It’s high time people understand this.

And I’ve been indoors for past 6 months! That isn’t my tan.. that’s me!!! And i like it.
Even if i got a chance to select my own color i wouldn’t change it coz i like the color of my skin!
I snapped this time when she suggested me the fairness product.
People, irrespective of their gender,can take care of their skin,put on make up,go out without any make up, it’s their way of expressing themselves, stop suggesting what they should do,and cherish what they are.
We are different and i say it again, that’s why the world is beautiful and diverse.

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