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There are some people whose smile, whose laughter creates an aura of good vibes. There are some who speaks a certain way which makes that person amazing and interesting. Similarly there are some people whose eyes do the work of speaking for them.
I have seen power and strength in the eyes of people from whom I didn’t expect it.
It is our ignorance and careless nature that we miss out on so much around us.
I remember going to the flower market before the pandemic, and saw women there who speak a certain way through their body language, their way of looking.

Next time before you like a person, or the person gets your attention, do ask yourself, what was the exact thing that pulled me? Trust me, you will get so many better definitions of beauty than what we have always heard of.

Ritil is one of them, her eyes does the job. Not the shape of the eyes, not the size, but what the eyes has seen, tolerated, resisted and fought for, her eyes , or rather I should say her gaze, made her stand out.


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