Polaroid Series 1

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The waves that touched our feet,
Whispered the darkest secrect of the ocean.
While kissing us goodbye,the dying waves sang the song of about it’s vastness,and told how lucky we are,to hear the story together,sitting wrapped in each others friendship.
The waves told us that it sailed miles and miles,to find us,sitting together in the warmth of the sand,just waiting to be drenched in the ecstacy of the blue ocean
Our soul,stared at the vastness,and the roaring waves,thinking of nothing but all the “what if”s of our lives.
What if we sailed together and see what mystery awaits at the horizon for us.

P.s. the desire to visit a beautiful beach with clean blue water made me paint this.
An imadinary polaroid image.
Hope to make this true soon.

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