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No child is born with hate in it’s Heart.
A child a kid is a clean slate where parents and society scribbles and programs everything it will grow up to be, we often are different as kids,and when we grow up we choose to be something else,
But this isn’t the case always.
Many does’nt make that choice and aren’t flexible enough even after all education and growing up.

A child has no clue about love. Their love and nature of love will come out in the rawest possible way,
We feed them ideas,norms,and teach them stereotypes and rules and roles,
We don’t teach them like how it happens in school,but by our actions,
We often teach them hate in a passive way.
Something they were not born with.
We teach them to feel disgusted towards things which are as natural as any life on the planet.

We put them in a box,lock them in a closet,
In the darkness,where the kid’s normal will be equivalent to yours,and your superficial society’s.
We Don’t allow them to see how and why love is.
We scold them when they talk about love,and ignore the whole impact of talking about hate in front of them.

We don’t give them proper sex education and instead we just put bars around them with rules with no explanations.

The kid becomes the tomorrow’s society .
We can’t change the past, but one thing we can make sure of is to.change the future.
And the key to that is bringing the change in yourself,and make it look normal to your kids.

Let no kid suffocate in the darkness of a virtual closet.

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