Nature Saved Me

When i started painting, or when i was much younger , i never really understood or felt nature the way i do it today.

I never realised untill I really started travelling by myself. I somehow got the chance to observe nature at it’s rawest form and after that i really didn’t find anything as beautiful as that.
I have fallen in love with growing plants,
With seeing them grow, mature, and develop.
They have characteristics just like my women.
It’s okay if you find it weird, but this weird has saved me from boredom. From monotony.
They are also teaching me another thing, PATIENCE.
I never knew apart from dogs anything else could keep me involved in such way.
May be tomorrow I’ll lose interest (which doesn’t seem to happen soon) but today, when i lose hope, i feel unmotivated, trapped, only looking at them makes me feel better,
I feel the best thing in life is to know which particular things of activity gives you happiness,
It is a better option than keeping the source of your happiness in someone’s action!
Except very few I rarely feel close to any other human, but my solitude has always been glorified by art,books, plants , stories, company of any dog, company of my partner.
I find the best version of myself in my solitude.

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