My Women 30

The most beautiful thing about any person on earth is how everyone manages to have a distinctive casual and carelessness about his or her own self when left off guard.

How every one manages to have their own characteristics,mindset,and way of doing everything when they are away from any expectations or pressure of looking or behaving a certain way.

How beautiful it is that everyone manages to be themselves at some point of time even after wearing the mask for the society all the time willingly or unwillingly.

That naked you,
Is the most beautiful.
The one who doesn’t make herself/himself look like someone else,
The one who doesn’t care about how people are going to judge you..
The one who can carry off her messiest hair like the best headdress.

You are the most beautiful then, when you strip off and throw away those “could have done” and “should have done”s.. and choose to be yourself

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