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Raw and Real
Many norms and taboos, and strange propagandas has always tried to suppress women’s sexuality.
Its a myth that women dont want sex as much as the men want it.
“You are not supposed to have fun”
“You shouldn’t be the one to initiate the process”
“Say no,so that it doesn’t sound like you are desparate”
“What?? You like to pleasure yourself???shame!”
“She does a lot of make up,she is asking for it”
“She kisses and hugs in public, what a clingy woman!its all pda”
“The cleavage is showing and she knows it,what a bitch”
“She talks of sex with her male friends,she will be in trouble”
“She is having sex with her boyfriend,is this our culture?”
“Why do you buy such provoking lingerie?”
“She said she enjoys sex alllot,no doubt she has many partners”
“She is having sex with her girlfriend,what?? She needs a doctor.”
If i keep writing..the list won’t end.
Women are sexual being,just like every other gender.
They like /dislike sex and thats their preference.
A woman who likes to be her way and feel sexy isnt someone who is asking for it.
A woman who doens’t like to be sexy,is not a “bore”.
You never know what she is and how she feels from the way she dresses up!
A man is not always hungry for sex.
That stereotyping is sick.
He can also be or not be sexual.
There can be total contradiction.there can be many other possibilities.
Just let them be.
Cherish diversity.

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