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There are many emotions that surfaces in my mind in a day to day basis. It has now become a habit to capture them, use them and make art out of them untill it stops bothering me.
Similarly, the relief just creates another empty space for more such emotions to take place and it is like a never ending loop.
The emotions are’nt always beautiful and green.
They are raw, real, wrong and many times unacceptable.
But the reality is something i need to accept and then act upon it.
In this piece, i wanted to portray how many things happen behind our back, like little deadly ants crawling up slowly, and you are very much aware of it. It hurts, it is painful when they bite, but sometimes, we just sit and witness it. And let it happen.. just to check my own tolerance level.

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2'x1.5' canvas, 3'x2.5' canvas, A3 paper, A4 paper, A5 paper

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