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Prints available on 270-280GSM high quality textured paper and canvas

It is advised to get a frame after receiving the print to avoid size mismatch 

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Among many many many object i see everyday and observe , there are many that stays with me! And a gach kouto is of course one of them. The structure, the form, the minimal design. The vibe.
It’s interesting how few colours together can give you the vibe of a whole culture!
I do have one gachkouto kept at the very entrance of my studio.
And I wonder why I didn’t paint that with my touch till now!
I hope you people will like it!

P.s. who doesn’t know what a Gach kouto is. It is a box designed in this shape, which gives it the name “gach kouto, a box that resembles a tree. Also this is used by brides during their wedding to keep sindoor in it. They carry it throughout the wedding ceremony.

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2'x1.5' canvas, 3'x2.5' canvas, A3 paper, A4 paper, A5 paper

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