More Than You Think


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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

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More than you think

She speaks to you.

There are many people from all genders, who don’t feel they are beautiful, mostly because of the mutated and destroyed definition of beauty.

We have limited and constrained the idea of beauty only to what is fed to the eyes and not the mind and soul,and that too has a big checklist.
It is a fact that beauty is desired, we all want to be beautiful and called beautiful,what we have forgotten is beauty is not only defined by the face and skin and size, it can be your brains,it can be your skill,your kindness,your charm,your appeal,and whatever you are known for. Beauty is a bigger spectrum.
If you are not happy with your skin or size,i understand,but the problem lies when you start hating yourself for that particular reason,you forget everything else.
We start filling in the social checklist,and bring our own disappointments. We limit beauty and worth and start judging what we deserve based on that.

I am beautiful because i enjoy what i do and i personally feel i have some qualities that is beautiful,today think and rethink about the reasons why you think you are beautiful, and start calling people beautiful based on that.

A person who is not beautiful according to the social criteria, and is also not a nice person, I don’t call her beautiful just for the sake of being nice, if you are not soothing any of my sense,and you are cruel and unkind, I don’t feel anything can make you beautiful.

This is so sad,we don’t even understand what we are missing out, how we have been hypnotized by domination and brainwashing.

Today i thought of writing this, so that you just rethink,and make a little change with your compliments the next time,
This little breaking the rule will actually liberate as humans.

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