Mone Koro Jeno Bidesh Ghure


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| Mone koro jeno bidesh ghure,
Maa ke nie jachi onek dure. |

It’s basically the first line from kobi guru’s poem “birpurush” where a little child imagines that he is taking his mother on a tour to foreign lands,and he is protecting his mother on the way,fighting the bandits,dacoits and villains.
While everyone else ,like his elder brother and other family members will not believe he has dared to do this because he is just a kid.
I love this poetry because its powerful,it shows how beautifully your imagination can empower you and make you believe in yourself”.| Birpurush is one of my favourite poems written by him. The list is pretty long.
But i always imagined myself in the place of the little boy when i was a kid,
I heard this poem somewhere yesterday and i imagined again about taking my mother to a far far land and fighting the bandits and demons in the journey.
I realized birpurush doesn’t have a gender,
It’s all of us,
All our desires to give our mother the love and affection they deserve and the urge to do something for them.
And i cherished the beauty of imagination with open heart again,like a child,after a long time.

P.s. i had no idea today is daughter’s day.

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