Meye Bela

The beauty of many of our childhoods is the ease of trusting.

The innocence and the beauty of laughing when thrown in the air and riding on shoulders is something we all loose when we grow up.
And that is not a bad thing to loose,coz that is the real world,where reality hits us,and tells us that was all a fairy tale, and we need to see whom we are allowing and giving the rights to play with our emotions and life.
And we get bruised and keep struggling.

My very short time with my father was interesting coz he was like this hero who struggled and stayed away from us to earn, just so that we could study and grow up and be proud of ourselves. Maa here was the super hero who handled every thing inside and outside like magic.
We grew up..
They grew old.
With differences and opinions.
But at the end of the day, you go back to a place where your trust wasn’t misused.
You go back to a place where that innocence lied.
That is like going back to yourself,before the pandora’s box opened

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