I met Meera in one of my lucid dreams.

Inspite of the namesake she was quite a different and unique person.

Her fingers untrained but her soul spoke in the language of music.

She played music in a way that even nature danced to her tunes,

But what i loved about her is how she perceived and adapted music as a reason to live.

She whispered to me “ if music is my source and reason of life, i will never run out of excuses to live a bit more and be hopeful.”

She definitely played for herself and that is what made her so special to me.

Meera, the queen whose fingers caressed the strings like she is stirring the soul out of a lifeless instrument.

Meera, her voice and music enhanced the beauty of Humanity.

Meera, she still plays the melancholic music with a little sad smile on her face, she might be trying really hard to forget something.

Meera, she finds her own elixir or life!


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