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My imagination raced.

With “আশ্বিনের শারদপ্রাতে বেজে উঠেছে আলোক মঞ্জীর;
ধরণীর বহিরাকাশে অন্তরিত মেঘমালা;” blooming like a fresh lotus from our old radios,my heart always skips a bit.
It’s the same thing,year after year,yet the chills it brings,remains unaltered.

From childhood,till now,i imagine every situation.
When i was a kid,i always saw maa wake up and play the radio at 4 on this day.and wake us up to listen to this.
Birendra Krishna Bhodro’s voice.
His chanting.
This day marks the beginning of durga pujo..though literally for us,bengalis, durga pujo starts from the end of the previous durga pujo.
When maa durga leaves her baper bari,we start waiting for the next year..

It marks the beginning of a party,which welcomes all religion,all kinds of people and everyone with open arms,
I see in my city,how we all become same for this time period.
It’s a hardcore party for the homecoming of our own maa durga.

This day specially, is the day maa comes on earth,to her home.

When i hear mahalaya in the radio,i always imagined,what does maa durga do when we welcome her with our open arms with tears of joy?
Does she listen?
Durga pujo is not only about the worshiping. That is what makes it more special about it..
It literally takes everyone to a whole different world.
Come to west bengal during this time,
Its an art exhibition going on all over the state.

We welcome maa durga in our homes as our daughter..
I’m proud to say im a #bengali ,because we really do think this way. We dare to talk about our gods and goddesses like they are our own family members instead of fearing them. We love them. We feel for them. And you don’t need to be a believer to enjoy this ecstasy.
I love this aspect of the culture.
The freedom it gives.

Shubho Mahalaya to everyone.
Enjoy till it hurts.

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