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There is a magic in embracing, your own self.
There are so many times i hear people say i am just not happy, with whoever i am, i just can’t end up being happy. Why is this happening everytime like a routine.
When i placed myself in the same shoe I realised the magic or the trick to this whole situation.
And it actually worked like magic for me.
I embraced myself, with all the love , compassion, empathy, and devotion.
You won’t believe me i even spoke to myself, redefining my idea of myself.
This isn’t easy, this isn’t easy at all.
But i did take baby steps in self acceptance.
And then slowly I found happiness,
WITHIN!!! Or I should rather say peace.
My joy my happiness didn’t depend on the action of others,
And this slowly affected my life in the most beautiful ways.
I started attracting better people in my life, those people loved me, and more importantly respected me for who i am.
Healthier relationships,
Healthier me,
And definitely a happy us.
Well, that doesn’t mean I didn’t face any quarrels and problems, that is an inevitable part of every people dealing with each other for emotional purposes, but definitely i knew a better way to get out of it, and it affects me less in the long run.
This painting is definitely a representation of a relationship from my perspective.

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