My women series – 32.

The heat,the irritation,the uneasy clothes,and she manages to bloom.. in the hot climatic condition.

The layers of fabric,to cover herself,
Yet she is naked, just like her words,her opinions and her existence.
Naked like her beautiful soul.
She is a woman whose pride doesn’t lie in her skin.
On the bare breasts.
Her pride is not limited to how respectful she is considered to be, by people who cuts opens her flesh and soul, and judges her character based on how she uses and showcases her body.
By the people who knows nothing about how beautiful she paints , knows nothing about her handsome salary and how she is bringing up the little one alone.
People who doesn’t care about her skills and struggles.
She knows her honour doesn’t lie in places the society thinks it resides.

She can’t care less about the words thrown at her with hate, because she believes she has enough love in her to spend this lifetime with pride.

She takes pride in her ability to love,respect,and strength. And many more yet to be discovered.

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