Motherhood is such a strange thing.
A woman starts loving a tiny life,without knowing what that human would be like,
Without knowing what love she will get back.
Without even caring about how he/she/other will behave.
Is that what we call unconditional love?
Its like a fairytale,with a truth.
We grow up,have our own life,have resentments with that mother,
But at the end of the day,she is your root.
Where you came from.
She is not a goddess ,she is a human with flaws and who does mistakes,just like we do,
And that is NORMAL..
All what matters is,remembering the unconditional love she felt,when you were like a seed in her tummy,
At the end of this day,
Happy mother’s day to all the mother’s,who are the superheroes with their own scars!
Let this day come again and again everyday,
So that we remember,and value,what we have.

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