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– Lekhika –

– লেখিকা –

– लेखिका –

“Pen is mightier than a sword”
Many people know this , few believe and practice it.
But if you look at the history of humanity,
For every war, for every human organised disaster or chaos, there is one common thing –
They burned books.
They burned libraries.
To Control what people read learn and accept.

Do we still need to understand why?

The woman here is a writer, lekhika.
We might not know her real name, because she has existed all throughout humanity, under a pseudonym when she wasn’t allowed to express or come out with her opinions,
Then she fought her battles with just that one weapon, and the most beautiful way to answer the world.
To put ideas into the head of millions.
To just say – I exist, so does my ideas.

Her words created more discomfort than reality, because her pen was a mirror to the society, to us.
She lives, thrives and dies..
But she is never forgotten,
She stands strong, head held high,
Even if it is the burning pyre of knowledge in a library, burnt, demolished, for “hate”.
She emerges somewhere else, may be as a social media post somewhere in the current generation..
But the weapon she uses,
Is stronger than any other on earth.
The weapon of expressions!
Bleeding like molten lava, through the veins of millions!!

A tribute to all the writers,
She, ,they and them and he,
Whoever you are, you are needed.
You are important.

P.s. I wish i knew more languages to write lekhika in!

Original available.
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Watercolour on paper a3 size.

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