Kolkata Vibe

I did this painting when we were in a dilemma whether we will stay in kolkata or we will leave to work somewhere else.
At that time we realised what this city means to us.
Its the place where we grew up.
We met.
We became friends,and accidentally fell in love.
Its the city which embraced my work when no one even knew me.
This city gave him courage to live his dream.
The kisses in the yellow taxi.
The entangled wires, through which we somehow managed to see the blue sky.
The cha,the chaos the traffic.
Kolkata is home.
We decided we will travel the whole world.
But would choose to come back home.
To the city,which smells of rolls and biriyanis and fuchka!
The pure energy which keeps the child in us alive.
We are definitely unapologetically emotional about this city and its vibe.

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