A word of greek origin,meaning delusion of things being more beautiful than they actually are.

Quite interestingly i really feel the beauty of anything or everything increases or decreases with the level of love you have for it/them.
Many people find strange things beautiful,or even different people beautiful,
If beauty was a thing,everyone would have found the same thing beautiful,but our choices differ, our definition of beauty differ,
Even in a relationship what seems extremely beautiful magical and special might seem very mundane and stupid to someone else!!

So this actually made me think that both beauty and love is relatable and related! They are both a delusional subject,
The moments that i tag as the most beautiful moment in life is just my being delusional in love!!
And i don’t mind that. It’s like being high on something or some place or someone, which makes it seem much more special,which others can’t really make any sense of!!

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