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Prints available on 270-280GSM high quality textured paper and canvas.

It is advised to get a frame after receiving the print to avoid size mismatch

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Another beautiful word we have grown up hearing in songs and has stayed with me.
It means search, quest, longing..
I felt like naming this painting Justuju.
I have been called and known to be a very strong person who can deal with her own shit and can manage stuff by herself.
People even the closest one has believed me to stand strong like a pillar even when my worlds came crashing down.
I never knew i was secretly in a search of a place where i could be vulnerable.
Where my emotions will be handled with care, a place of trust.
A place where i will be held when my life seems tough.
A place where i can say i am broken, and not taken advantage of or made fun of.
A place where i can break and make myself.
And finally, cherish the most human side of existence- emotional vulnerability !

The original piece is available, dm or email to purchase

All rights reserved under www.studiojoyeeta.com

print size

2'x1.5' canvas, A3 paper, A4 paper, A5 paper

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