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Just looking at bright and beautiful colours can make us feel energetic and rejuvenated.

A sewing machine,reminds me of dimma(my grandmother).
She once told me,just tell me what dress you want,ill make t myself.
I thought she knew magic and could actually bring life to my imagination.
She actually made a dress for me at an age when sho couldn’t even hold the needle properly.

We really enjoy messing up with objects. 😋

When she brought this singer sewing machine to us,i could see the nightsky studded with stars,a bird flying high,magic being woven,and the piece oozing with colours and happiness.

When you get an object,and the independence,
How happy can that make an artist.

Im literally in love.
We are sitting and staring at it.
Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Made for xander stores saltlake.

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Made for xander stores saltlake.


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