In Her Ease

(My women- 21) “Control those wild curls”- they said,
She smiled ..turned back in silence,letting the breeze flow through her untamed,wild,and crazy curls.
She smiled to herself and felt free.

Some people struggle and live their life just in the light of someone else’s judgement.

Isn’t it true that you have at some point of time have thought yourself to be good or bad,just because another person told you so?

We tend to judge ourselves through the eyes of the society,and decorate our actions accordingly. (Which is and endless struggle and a really unnecessary one). “What if i do this and they think that??”
“Oh no i can’t think or tell this,i know i want something else,but i can’t tell this aloud”
So much,so much to think,so much we try to avoid and play safe.

Our lives would have been easier if we gave ourself the authority to judge and to decide the goods and bads.
Give ourselves the authority to tell who you are,and what you are.
Without the veil of the fear of the unknown unnecessary judgements imposed on us.

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